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Live assistant training and coaching for $6.43 per hour!

Do you lack the systems and processes to run your Real Estate team?


Do you not have the time to sit and train your staff members one by one?


Need to start outsourcing overflow tasks to Virtual Assistants, but dona��t know where to begin?


This Is Your Chance To Finally Own My Most Treasured Collection of Assistant Training Videos, Reports, a�?Cheat Sheetsa�? and Standard Operating Procedures.a��A�


Literally Everything I Use To Manage over 100 Real Estate Virtual Assistants.


The best way to succeed in Real Estate is to have a system. Then, you need to surround yourself with a highly skilled dream teama��to execute that system.

a�� but creating systems takes time and experience


a�� and amazing team members are expensive.


A�So, how do you find the time to create those systems?


And how do you get amazing talent at affordable prices to execute on those systems?


A�a�� You start with people that have a hunger to grow, a positive attitude and the ability to learn.


Thena�� you build your systemsa�� and you train your peoplea�� and you mentor your people.


A�a�� but that takes time. A lot of time.


Not anymorea��


BrokerAssistU will teach and coach your in-house or virtual team members so you dona��t have to.


This allows you to grow your business while working less.


  • Imagine having a team that anticipates your needs.


  • Imagine having a team that empowers you to do what you do best…A� Make deals


  • Imagine replacing low performers without fearing that youa��ll have to train their replacement while your on vacation.


  • Imagine what your team would look like if you spent 2 hours daily mentoring them.


  • Imagine having systems that you can hand to your people for execution


In exchange for a small investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a Real Estate professional.

Ita��s the key to my a�?training vaulta�?a��a literal treasure trove of videos, systems and shortcuts to bring your new or existing real estate assistant up to speed.

And Ia��m going to let you have thema��


a��(plus a whole lot more)a��

Ia��ll tell you why in a bit, but first, I have a question for youa��


Are you just tired of training assistants?


Spending hours and hours of your precious time?

Afraid to fire someone because you might have to train his or her replacement?

Or do you have a clear-cut plan to train your assistant and grow your business?

If you are a�?tired and afraid,a�? dona��t feel bada��youa��re not alone. For the better part of my career, thata��s how I felt too.

When my business was smaller and simpler, a�?doing things myselfa�? got the job done. But as my business expanded, a�?doing things myselfa�? just didna��t cut it anymore.

Remember that saying,


a�?what got you out of Egypt, wona��t get you into the promised landa�?


Ita��s true! You need to get help or things will stay the same.


I Did Something Most Business Owners Only Dream Of Doinga��

I assembled my entire team (A LOT of really smart people) and I had them carefully systematize each and every aspect of their job.

For example:

  • Our Transaction Coordinator created a 16-point a�?Contract to close Checklista�?a��
  • Our Listing Marketing Manager crafted a step-by-step guide (complete with text and video instructions) on how to Market and Service a new listing. (I was shocked to see that when it was all said and done, it only took 18 steps.) Anda��
  • Our Offer Coordinator put together a 21-step guide on how to process an offer and set the stage for our TCa��

a��and thata��s just to name a few!

Virtually every aspect of marketing, promoting and growing our business was documented in step-by-step detail for all the company to see. (And there were over 30 of these a�?checklistsa�? when it was all said and done.)


Then we put them to the test.

We handed these checklists (or a�?Training Modulesa�? as theya��re more formally known) over to brand new Virtual Assistant team members.

Our goal was simple, we wanted to see if someone who wasna��t an expert could follow the steps in these plans and achieve similar results.


The First test did not go wella��

Our a�?guinea pigsa�? had a lot of questions, which told us that we needed to improve on the process.

So we did some major edits and explained why each process was in the system and further explained those processes in detail, as well as their role in the system.

Then we handed them back to our test group to try again.

The Result: SUCCESS!

We now had something that most businessa�� only dream of havinga��

  • We had systemsa��
  • We had checklistsa��
  • We had reportsa��
  • We had a�?cheat sheetsa�?a��
  • We had standard operating proceduresa��


It all comes down to Execution of a system.

The reason we were able to sell so many homes was because our team was able to executea��

On everything.

As long as I took the listing, there was never a worry for me beyond that.A� I knew there was an 80%+ chance of getting a check in 90 days.

You need to constantly develop your peoplea�� DAILY

They have to always be learning and growing in order to execute at the highest level.

That was the secret that put me in the top 1% of Real Estate Brokers and Agents nationwide.


I Dona��t Say Any Of This To Braga��


In fact, any astute businessperson will be quick to point out that, a�?Ita��s not how much you make, but how much you keep that matters.a�?

I agree.

A lot of our training modules keep this in mind.A� We are very concerned with you keeping your money, not just making it.

These checklists, reports, a�?cheat sheetsa�? and standard operating procedures were built just for me.

They were locked in our a�?vault,a�? and unless you worked in a management or executive capacity at one of our companies, you never saw them.

They were our a�?secret saucea�?a��

a��Our a�?Mystery Ingredienta�?

But recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move at

We decided to take literally ALL our systems and checklistsa��


We called it a�?Broker Assistant Universitya�? because thata��s exactly what we are: A Learning University for Real Estate Team members and Assistants.

As a BrokerAssistU Student,A� your assistants get to see everythinga��the good, the bad and the ugly.

And when we figure out something that works, we systematize and document it into a a�?Training Modulea�? (i.e. a checklist, a�?cheat sheeta�? or standard operating procedure) that all our members can use.

Herea��s a quick look at the execution plans that are already waiting for you inside BAUa��

  • Lead Generation, using a 90/10 content strategy to build a your list of followers
  • How to Prospect and Market to your database
  • Transaction Coordination – The ins and outs of closing a sale, help your broker automate this process, so that they can focus on higher income producing activities.

a��and thata��s just to name a few!

These Training Modules are great for optimizing what you already have, but what if you need to roll out a new project?

What if you want your assistant to launch your blog, Facebook page, or just a new landing page?

If any of those are on your a�?To Do List,a�? then youa��ll love these Training Modules. Therea��s thea��

  • How to launch your WordPress Website
  • 21-Step Plan for Launching a Blog AND Attracting Your First Subscribers
  • 3-Step Offer Optimization Plan To Social Media Posting
  • How to run Facebook Advertising

These plans are without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to finally crossing off all those items on your a�?To-Do Lista�?.

And by the way, if ita��s leads youa��re aftera�� wella�� we have a Training Module for that, too.

And by joining today, you can have immediate access to all these checklists, reports, a�?cheat sheetsa�? and standard operating procedures (over 30 in all!)a��

But thata��s not alla�� Youa��ll also receive:

28 Hours of Live Monthly Training and Coaching

As a BAU member, your assistants get to a�?drop ina�? on our internal a�?Live Daily Coaching Callsa�? where Real Estate trainers share whata��s new, whata��s hot and whata��s WORKING across the country in several different markets. (Click here to view our live training calendar)

BAU Mastermind Mentorship group

As a member, youa��re also getting access to our private mastermind group.A� You will have access to other BAU members across the country.A� Talk best practices, a�?what to outsourcea�?, whata��s working in lead generation etc.A�

Access to our Membera��s Resource Area

All BAU members get access to our SOPs, Checklists, Frameworks and all other documents we use to run our practices. (Click here to view our resource area)

2 Tickets to our Annual Event

This annual networking event will focus on current best practices as well as inspirational team exercises and growth workshops.A� It’s 2 days of laser focused content we are sure you and your assistants will love!

Golden Ticket (One every month)

All BAU members get a new stand alone E-course available to them every month they are a member. These courses will train your assistant in depth how to do advanced TC tasks, Inside sales as well as Admin Mastery to name a few.

Simply shoot us an email or phone call, tell us which product you want, and we will unlock it for you!A� (Click here to view our e-course products area)

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